Pointe Beginner

Structured course for classical dancers to begin the ultimate experience of dancing en pointe. Learn the essential foot care and strengthening techniques for a thrilling, progressive and healthy experience. In these 90-minute classes we include a warm up barre, detailed pointe shoe understanding, help with fittings, and dance a pointe barre.


Pointe Elementary

You’re moving up! Catered to refine and strengthen your acquired knowledge from PB 1. This secondary level in the course develops your technique, and improves your skills. Learn the correct technique to advance with personal corrections, tips, and strength building exercises.


Pointe Intermediate

Easy as pi! Not really. This advanced level will take you from strength to strength. With advanced enchainments, and strength building exercises. Enjoy as this level takes your beyond your expectations, with consolidation and artistic development.

Learn new steps,

develop, define, and advance.

Series of 10 week courses are designed to take you from beginner to expert.

  • We assess your feet, see what pointe shoes you need, and develop and nurture your dancing skills.

  • Learn how to understand pointe shoes, how we dance with it, and care for your feet. Undergo a series of strengthening exercises and stretches you will apply to every class.

  • The beginner pointe course you learn all the essentials for a healthy progressive experience!

  • The intermediate course lets your heart run wild with the joys of pointe work.

Pointe shoes

Most ballet stores will be able to fit you for your pointe shoes. These require a 30 minute fitting, in which you must book prior to attending the store. It is strongly recommend to go into store, rather than purchasing online.

Bloch and Energetics, are most recommended as they stock a wide range of shoes and styles to chose from.

Store assistance will provide you with all the ribbons and essential toe protection you need, and below is a link to follow how you should sew your ribbons and elastics.



Calf raises - everyday! To prepare your feet and ankles, calf raises will be your best friend. If you are unsure about you ability to join the pointe class, ask your teacher the next time you are in class.

What You need

  • Flat shoes 

  • Water bottle + sweat towel 

  • Pointe shoes 

  • Ouch pouches/ lambs wool

  • Yourself, and Smile